Welcome to the Northern Ireland Headache Conference

Hilton Hotel Belfast, 11th October 2018

This conference aims to bring together all healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with headache disorders. We are delighted to welcome leading academics and clinicians in the field of headache who will provide an overview of current and emerging research and clinical evidence.  

Attendees can expect to gain -  

Improved understanding of the diagnosis and management of specific headache disorders such as chronic migraine, idiopathic intracranial hypertension and trigeminal autonomic cephalgias

Advanced knowledge of emerging therapies for the treatment of headache disorders including recent advances in drug therapies and neuromodulation 

The event will place a strong emphasis on integrating research evidence into clinical practice and optimising collaborations between primary and secondary care.

5 CPD points accredited via the Royal College of Physicians

Programme Overview

Registration 9.00am
Welcome Dr Thomas Peukert 9.20am

Session 1:  

Clinical updates                                                                      


Managing chronic migraine

Manjit Matharu


The pill and migraine

Anne MacGregor



Addressing lifestyle factors in chronic pain 

Joanne Marley


11.00 Coffee and Networking

Session 2

Neuroimaging, neuromodulation and acute headache management


Functional MRI and pain

Andy Segerdahl


Managing headaches in the acute setting

Raeburn Forbes



Neuromodulation and headache

Gavin Quigley


13.00 Lunch

Session 3:

Non-migraine headaches


Diagnosis and management of intracranial hypertension

Jayne Best


Diagnosis and management of trigeminal autonomic cephalgias

Anish Bahra

15.00 Coffee

Session 4:  

Future directions in headache management                                                    


Emerging drug therapies in migraine

Mark Weatherall


Headache education: putting the patient back in control

Louise Rusk

16.30 Closing comments

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